How to spot the next winner?

Spotting the next winner?  The New ActivCanvas App.

How to pick the next big thing? I reckon that a contender must be the new free ActivCanvas app. I first heard about this app at a Fine Art Trade Guild presentation. That was last year when the app was still in beta mode. But I was very interested straight away. Was I spotting the next winner?

This is how it works, and why I was so enthralled.

  1. You download a free app to your mobile phone or tablet.
  2. You see a picture that you like somewhere. Maybe it is in a shop, at an exhibition, in a magazine, or on the web. Where-ever, but you like it and want to know more.
  3. You point your phone at the painting, photo, or print … and click.
  4. The app then recognizes the picture and up comes a video that tells you about the image and the artist.
  5. It also gives you a link to a place where you can see more and even buy the picture.

How magic is that?

ActivCanvas logo

ActivCanvas logo

Obviously there has to be a huge library of images somewhere that the app can access. And another library of videos that can be linked to after the app recognizes an image.

So the app people have created these libraries and are now inviting artists, photographers and gallery owners to supply the images and videos.


I have uploaded hundreds of my own prints and paintings. And I have created videos about the pictures. The originals and prints don’t each have their own unique video, because that would be impossible. But each genre has a video, and every video has a link to an appropriate page on my website.


Do you want to see how it works? You can even see me talking about it when the app people came to my studio to do some filming.

Down load the free app to your phone here.

ActivCanvas logo

ActivCanvas logo


Now point your phone or tablet at my picture of the Cristo statue in Rio de Janeiro, click the app, and see what happens.






Did it work for you?

Let me know please.