Acrylographs are artworks created by the artist by printing an image, usually onto fine art canvas, and then over-painting in acrylic paint.
The artist can add extra features, colours, textures, and highlights to make a new unique artwork.
Canvas acrylographs can be displayed without glass.

Is it ready to hang on the wall?


Prints on fine art paper need to be protected from moisture in the air and should be framed and glazed to suitable high standards. Prints on canvas can be displayed without a need for framing or glass.



Do you supply frames?


We can recommend Fine Art Trade Guild qualified framer nearest to you. Some prints will fit into ready made frames.



Under £50


The lowest prices on the website can be found by choosing our smaller artworks.

The hand signed art cards are cheapest at just £4 or £5 each.

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The smallest prints are 6” square or A5 7”x 5” for £30

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A factor in the price of published art is the time taken and cost of  producing archival quality.

Prints on paper are less expensive than hand-enhanced prints on canvas [acrylographs].

The hand production of acrylographs involves extra material costs, and more time is needed to make each piece unique.

All the prints on are produced using the same high quality archival materials and techniques.



Under £500


Most of the art found on is under £500.

However large hand-enhanced prints on canvas, (acrylographs) take more time and are therefore a more expensive product.

High quality archival materials and techniques are used for all the prints on





By buying art directly from the artist you are cutting out the costs of a middle-man and getting the best price possible.

Acrylographs are very good value because every one is individually created by the artist to make a unique artwork, yet the cost is just a fraction of the price of an original painting.

Acrylographs are on stretched canvas and can be hung without the need for any additional cost for a frame.





Fine art is often valued as a ‘good investment’ because the collector gets personal pleasure at the same time as any growth in future resale price.

Scarcity and quality influence the investment value of artwork.

‘Limited’ and ‘Signed and numbered’ editions are more valued.

Our art is archival quality, tested to ensure that it will be lightfast for over 80 years.

A ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ can be supplied with the artwork and can increase the secondary sale price of artwork. If you want a Certificate with your purchase from ArtPublish please just ask.

The investment potential in artwork from ArtPublish artists can provide an interesting long-term prospect for your family.




The images published by ArtPublish are ‘Signed and Numbered’ or ‘Limited’. This distinction is decided before publishing starts.

‘Limited Editions’ on ArtPublish are usually in runs of 250, 100, 75, or 25.  This distinction is decided before publishing starts.

Fine Art Trade Guild ethical standards say that ‘Limited Editions’ should not be published in any additional commercial format.

‘Signed and Numbered’ edition images are available for licensing by agreement. Examples are calendars and greetings cards. Please ask if interested.

‘Limited Editions’ are not available for licensing. The only other use is for promotion and publicity of the artists work, or in a book about the artists work

Traditionally small numbers (10% max) of experimental ‘Artists Proof’ prints may be printed in addition to the main edition.

‘Print on demand’ technology means that prints can be created one by one by the artist, or when ordered by a collector.




Many images on ArtPublish are available for commercial use such as greetings cards and calendars.  Please ask us if you are interested in licensing images for your business.


Payment Options accepts credit and debit cards.

Transfers can be made by BACS

A ‘Lay Away’ plan is an agreement where a deposit is paid by the collector on a chosen artwork which is then stored by the artist or gallery for delivery after the full price has been paid. Payments can be spread by arrangement. Please contact us if this interests you.

Deposit. A small deposit will secure an artwork on this website or at an exhibition if it is not convenient for any reason to purchase straight away. Please contact us if this interests you.




Shipping is free for purchases from ArtPublish for delivery in the UK.

Shipping charges apply for sales in other countries.


Original paintings, prints, and artwork


An artist creates an original painting in the studio, or open air [plein aire], using acrylics, oils, pastels, pencil, inks, or watercolour paints.

The artist applies paint or ink using brushes, rollers, flexible palette knives, sprays, fingers, or by dunking objects into paint and ‘printing’ the painted object onto the surface.

The artwork surface can be fine art paper, fine art canvas, or prepared painting panels.

Original paintings are unique.

Many artists make prints that reproduce an image that has first been created as an ‘original’ painting, drawing, or other artwork.


But what is an original print?


An ‘original print’ can be an image created without preliminary artwork, for example an etching or engraving incised directly onto the printing plate.

Or from artwork where the ‘primary intention’ of the artist was to create a print, for example where the artist sketches out preliminary drawings or design, or makes artwork that can be scanned and digitised then made into a print.


Limited Edition prints


‘Limited Edition’ prints are numbered and produced in one pre-determined total run.

The stated total edition size will not be exceeded, and no subsequent reprints will be published.

Modern ‘print on demand’ technology means that the whole run need not be printed at the same time so different size or surface options can be offered from the same numbered print sequence.

’Limited Edition’ images from ArtPublish are not available for sale in any subsequent format than the stipulated limited edition world wide forever. The exception being some ‘artists proof’s’. (see Artists Proofs)


Signed and Numbered Edition prints


Signed and numbered prints, or ‘Collectors Edition’ prints, are signed and numbered by the artist without a pre-determined limit to the edition size.

Signed and numbered prints, or ‘Collectors Edition’ prints, are published to exactly the same high archival quality as ‘Limited Edition’ prints.

Modern ‘print on demand’ technology means that the whole run need not be printed at the same time so different size or surface options can be offered from the same numbered print sequence.

Signed and numbered print, or ‘Collectors Edition’ print images may also be used in other formats such as greetings cards or licensed products.


Artists Proofs.


Traditionally Artists Proof prints are in addition to the main edition.

Historically they were printed first to enable the artist to see if the print was as expected and check quality etc.

The extra value given to Artists Proofs derives from the fact that etching plates or woodblocks would wear out rapidly and so the later prints in an edition would be less crisp and inferior.

Nowadays with giclee printing processes there is no quality difference between the first and later prints.

Artists may produce several versions, of colour etc., at this proofing stage.

AP’s are sometimes numbered using roman numerals.

Collectors remain keen on Artists Proofs because they have their own low number run.

The Fine Art Trade Guild standard is for AP’s to total no more than 10% of the total publication.


Giclee editions from


An alternative and more accurate term for ‘giclee’ prints would be ‘wide format inkjet, archival pigmented inkset, fine art prints’. But that is a bit of a mouthful.

At we publish high quality ‘limited edition’ and other prints using the best and latest technology.

The prints are printed to the Fine Art Trade Guild specifications for lightfastness and quality, and are available on heavy weight fine art paper or artist’s canvas.

ArtPublish prints conform to International and British Standards for prints, category ‘A’  (BS 7876:1996) where the artist is wholly in charge of the printing process.

Each image comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.

Images are available in several sizes. Images are usually ‘printed upon demand’ when orders are received.


Artist Handmade Signed Greetings Cards


At ArtPublish we produce a range of greetings cards with giclee prints on the front.

The cards are hand signed by the artist, and cello-wrapped with an envelope.

The cards can also be used as framed miniatures.


Returns and Guarantee

You have seven days after you receive your order from ArtPublish to change your mind for any reason. If you decide to send the artwork back please let us know. When we receive the returned item we will refund all your purchase price.