The Black Cat Story


…The Black Cat Story…

When you visit our website at you might notice the skinny black cat. You might have also seen some of the prints available where the skinny black cat is featured. Well, let me introduce you to him in person….

   “This is Trevor…..Trevor this is an admirer”

Suffice to say that this cat, Trevor, is also a valued member of the team here in artpublish land. He introduced our very first website many years ago at the dawn of cyber-time.

The Story

The story is this…..are you sitting comfortably….then I will begin.

A teenage Shyama Ruffell bought Trevor home after rescuing him from his cruel step-mother and drunken father who used to make him scrub the floors and do all the household chores.

Oh! OK that is not quite true. Shyama did bring him home when he was just a tiny little kitten. The rest was a bit of a fib.

At the time Punk Rock was all the rage. True to the spirit of punk Shyama wanted to call the new kitten ‘Spit’. But older and wiser parents argued against this name. Largely because they foresaw that they might be the ones who opened the kitchen door late at night to call the cat in. The prospect of yelling SPIT into the night air was unwelcome.

A current musical rendition at that time was by old art college student turned pop idol called Ian Dury with his popular beat combo The Blockheads. His record called ‘Clever Trevor’ was high in the charts and so the kitten was named Trevor.

More Fibs.

Trevor thrived in this loving household and went on to visit far off Cathay on a magic carpet and later travelled the world… OK another fib or two.

Actually, when Shyama left home to study, travel, and bring up children etc, Trevor remained with Colin and Fran. They moved house a couple of times and introduced two huge dogs into the home, but Trevor loyally hung in there.

The Rainbow Bridge.

After Trevor eventually passed over the rainbow bridge to cat heaven at the ripe old age of fourteen, Colin and Fran put him into paintings. Good old Trevor has since gone on to posters, prints and cards which have travelled all the way to distant Cathay, and beyond.

Cat and Rainbow

Cat and Rainbow


You can see some of Colin’s pictures of Trevor by following this link.

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