ABS 7783


ABS 7783

Original painting
22" x 16" canvas

“This is all about colours and shapes. One of my original paintings that I cannot name because it doesn’t resemble anything. So the desktop computer gave it a number.” CR

About originals.

*** QUALITY ***

  • Original paintings are unique one-off works of art.
  • Original paintings maintain quality and value for future generations.
  • An International Certificate of Authenticity is available.
  • Collectors and patrons who buy direct from the artist will ensure that their correct details are saved in the artist’s records.


  • The status of original work is usually influenced by exhibitions, gallery shows, publisher promotion, and worldwide online exposure.
  • Individual originals can be part of a series where the artist is following a theme and creating a lasting body of work.
  • The artist may use the unique original image to create a portfolio of prints, or licence the image for other use such as cards or calendars.
  • The original painting, also know as the ‘master’, can become highly prized as it gets more licensed exposure.
  • Image copyright protection with Original Art Registration number is issued by The Fine Art Trade Guild in London UK.


  • The value of original paintings is determined by gallery, on-line, or auction sales, and can continue to grow as the artist matures, and after the artists death.
  • Art lovers who collect original paintings ‘direct from artist’ can insure the work for the genuine direct replacement cost and avoid insurance company quibbles.
  • You will want to choose a frame to high standards and to suit your own hanging place, décor, and budget, so any existing display frame is free.
  • FREE shipping from us to you.

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